Watch my work on recreating lost worlds

Watch my work on recreating lost worlds
(Dogger Bank) with archaeologists on
National Geographic Channel [HD]

Stone Age Atlantis [UK] [USA] [ASIA]

Virtual Archaeology at Stonehenge, Scientific American

Shift-Life project was demonstrated at the Gadget Show at NEC Birmingham (4-11 April 2010)

Shift-Life at Wolverhampton Art Gallery [Grant supported by Arts Council England]

Shift-Life Alternate Biology and Mixed-Reality (4-5 July 2005), Shift-Time Festival (Darwin 200th Anniversary) [link]

Scientific American (Number 3, 2009, Dutch Version page 30-33)

For more information about my contribution to the innovative reference work, Nature-Inspired Informatics for

Intelligent Applications and Knowledge Discovery: Implications in Business, Science, and Engineering, please visit:

Archaeology: The Lost World, Nature 454, 151-153 (9 July 2008)

Atlantis in der Nordsee, Epoc – Geschicht, Archaologie, Kultur February 2009, Germany. Spielesoftware lässt Atlantis der Nordsee auferstehen (25 August 2008)

Archaeology: Drowned Worlds (25 July 2008)

English Heritage’s Conservation Bulletin 57 (Spring 2008)

Anthropological Currents: Reconstructing Archaeological Landscapes (December 2007)

Science 303(5663), p.1464 (5 March 2004)

Best Fake Doctors Notes (17 July 2014)