The Seabass
Fish are vagile organisms with complex behaviours. In order to synthesis them using Artificial Life algorithms in a Virtual Environment, these steps are necessary:
  • Model the 3D Geometry
  • Character Rigging: 'bone' and 'skin' the fish geometry
  • Animate the dynamics of the fish related to different behaviours
  • Design and implement Artificial Life behaviours
  • Associate the movement dynamics with related Artificial Life algorithms
  • 'Release' the fish into a Virtual Environment and observe its interaction with other organisms

Fish Modeling Process

The Shockwave 3D program below demonstrates how different behaviours and dynamics can be associated with a virtual marine life. Shockwave player should automatically download, please follow the instructions to install.

::Control the behaviour of the fish with shockwave 3D::
Click this link to play the real-time 3D graphics: