Cseer stands for Centre for Spiritual Education and Edification Research. The building which will commence construction soon, is situated upon a 1.083 Ha. land 5 minutes from the Cyberjaya toll at Selangor, Malaysia. The architect for Cseer is ML Architect, Kuala Lumpur. Facilities for the building includes a training centre, meeting hall with a capacity of two thousand, an IT centre, a library as well as ample space for recreation. It is approximated that the construction will be completed in year 2004.

Digital Modelling and Animation

The entire digital project took close to four weeks to complete starting from 3rd of April. Digitizing the plan into AutoCAD 2000, the floor plan was ported to 3D Studio MAX Release 3.0 for structural and detail modelling, mapping, rendering and animation. For post-production, the completed parts of the animation was assembled in Adobe Premiere 5.0 and exported as .avi file format. The project was presentated to an international audience held at an international Christian conference during the last session of a four day event in October 2000 at The Legend Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The animation sequence can be seen below:

CSEER Animation Sequence