Developing a Self-Care Plan

What is self-care? It is any necessary human regulatory function which is under individual control, deliberate and most importantly self-initiated. 

A self-care plan can help you improve your health and your wellbeing, it also helps manage your stress, and maintain professionalism as a worker. To do so, you must learn to identify activities and practices that will support your wellbeing as a person and should help you to sustain positive self-care in the long run.


These are activities that will help you to work consistently at the professional level.

  • engage in regular supervision or consulting with a more experienced co-worker
  • create a peer-support group
  • read professional journals and articles
  • attend professional development seminars.


These are activities that help you to stay fit with enough energy to get through your work and personal commitments.

  • develop a regular sleep routine
  • eat healthy
  • do not skip lunch breaks
  • go for a walk at lunchtime
  • take your dog for a walk after work
  • use your sick leave
  • get some exercise before or after work


These are activities that will help you to feel clear-headed and you are able to engage intellectually with the challenges that are found in your job and personal life.

  • relax
  • have and keep a reflective journal
  • engage with a persoanl and not work-related hobby
  • turn off your email and phone outside of work
  • engage with positive friends and family