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Welcome to my website. The pages feature my selected works over the years in various academic institutions and research centres. My main area of expertise are virtual environments, interactive computer graphics, artificial life and agent-based modelling. I have observed that the fusion of visualisation and artificial intelligence is a strength that can greatly empower various research areas and have therefore pursued developments along those lines. My passion lies in creating living virtual organisms that cooperate or consume each other and how they can reveal new knowledge in nature. I hope that you'll find inspiration through looking at the demos.

~ Eugene Ch'ng


Feed the Trilobites
This small demo is a proof of concept for future Museum displays and is work done at The IBM Visual and Spatial Technology Centre and The Heritage and Cultural Learning Hub. The demo features agent-based modelling of trilobite behaviours. The morphology of the trilobites are true but the movement dynamics are projected. The demo is hosted in PQ Lab's multitouch table. Users feed 'Tic Tacs' to the creatures but in reality, they feed on planktons and small marine organisms. [view]
Predator-Prey Shift-Life Alternate Biology
The Shift-Life project, an alternate biology and mixed reality interface supported by the Arts Council England, Shrewsbury Museum Services and Shift-Time Festival Organisers is originally developed to engage public interaction. The project was shown at the Shift-Time Festival of Ideas at Shrewsbury (Darwin's birthplace) from 3-12 July 2009. The installment is now housed at the Wolverhampton Art Gallery. [view]
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Flocking Behaviour

Artificial Life and Complex Systems
Cellular Automata, flocking behaviour, biological adaptability, environment simulation, predator-prey model. [view]
tmbdinoToon.jpg Virtual Environments and Interactive 3D
Virtual Reality, Virtual Environments, Augmented Reality, and interactive 3D characters. [view]
tmbdinoToon.jpg Augmented Reality Mesolithic Couple
This is an Augmented Reality (AR) simulation incorporating two 3D models of the Mesolithic period. The male character is named Stig, and the female, Abla. They exists 7,500 years ago in the land bridge that connects continental Europe and Britain before the flooding of the North Sea. [view]
Shotton River Virtual Mesolithic Shotton River Valley
A Virtual Mesolithic Shotton River Valley as it appeared 7,500 years ago before the flooding of the North Sea. The project is in collaboration with the Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity, The University of Birmingham to visualise the landscape using Virtual Reality technology, Artificial Life Algorithms, and Agent-based simulation. [view]
Shotton River Agent-based Simulation of Society
An agent-based simulation of hunter-gatherers and behaviours such as adaptability, hunger, building, gathering, fire-making, forest-burning and death. [view]
Artificial Life-Based Vegetation Vegetation Modelling
Individual-Based Modelling, Individual-Based Ecology modelling and Artificial Life-based vegetation. [view]

UAV and Marsupial Military Training and Simulators
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. [view]

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